The Mumbai Queen is a musical journey formed through the idea of mixing traditional Indian music with European, modern and radical sounds.

The journey began summer 2009, when MQ members Rock i.D. and David Husser headed to Mumbai to work with recording artists from India’s renowned music scene.
Now in 2011, after embracing countless recording sessions in numerous studios and tracking up incalculable travel miles, the duo present their potent, daring and gleaming debut album.

Emotionally and politically charged, this album shakes it fist at all Government and media cover ups, capitalist greed, secret societies and the coming of the New World Order.
Sonically, it’s an extreme experience into diesel driven tabla beats, pounding, rhythmic dhol, sexy snaking sitars and heavy texas guitars.

Mumbai Queen, now formed as a “live” band are no strangers to the world stage. Their first show was in the summer of 2011 to a screaming crowd of 5,000 delighted people.

Crafted beautifully by Rock i.D. (ex Asian Dub Foundation) and David Husser, musician and producer for Naive, Mute, Universal or Real World labels, this album is sure to become a cult classic. .


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